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“The programme helped me prepare for the interview and helped me research the company. It gave me the tools and the motivation to prepare myself much better than if I was to do it alone. It was also very interesting learning about Swissport and what the aviation industry is all about. The programme helped me with answering tough interview questions and being able to answer them in a much better way, and this is what I needed help most in, because of the time I took preparing and practising I was much calmer on the interview and felt like I did really well. I really enjoyed the Swissport presentation and the programme as a whole. I am now employed with Swissport as a baggage handler and thoroughly enjoy my job.”


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“We have worked with The Launch Group for the last 4 years, helping us to recruit for a range of hospitality and food service positions. Contributing towards high volume recruitment needs, they have consistently delivered on numbers and provide us with a number of work ready and quality candidates.”

job recruitment agency

“I took part in The Launch Group employment course and it was an all-round enjoyable experience that allowed me to develop a number of professional skills and make a number of new friends along the way.

I was offered employment though the course and I would highly recommend the course to anyone seeking to enhance their professional standing and to be given the help and support needed to succeed In everything from interviews to work etiquette.”

job recruitment agencies

“Wish to express our sincere thanks to the hard work and dedication The Launch Group have demonstrated, ensuring the successful start of this year’s pre-employment programme. Having been heavily involved from the very start, I am pleased to say that you and your company have exceeded our expectations.”

“Without the support and guidance from the ‘Get Into Airports’ programme, I wouldn’t have found myself working toward a serious career. I’m one of thousands of people who graduate from university with no support or a plan b, but this programme gave me a new lease on life. I learned a great deal about the aviation industry too, finishing the programme with a Level 1 Certificate in Exploring the Aviation Industry and an eager love for the industry as a whole. I landed a job during my work experience with National Express, and now I’m looking forward to building up my experience and putting it all into practice. The programme by The Launch Group has changed my life tremendously! It’s been amazing!”

‘’Before this programme I saw a candle at the end of the tunnel, my future looked bleak and I couldn’t see myself going anywhere, I lacked the confidence to do anything about it. I was told about the taster day at princes The Launch Group/Princes Trust and GTR and I was sure I stood no chance. I attended anyway despite my reservations, I wouldn’t change that decision for the world, I was accepted onto the course and I was still nervous talking to people, I could feel my face burning up every I spoke in front of our group, and now I could happily walk up to a stranger and strike a conversation.

The staff were so supportive, and no one judged you, it didn’t matter what you had or where you came from it was all about helping us become the best we could be. This experience has been amazing and I have learnt so much about work, job interview and teamwork as well as the railways, stuff I never would have known without this. The staff at GTR are all amazing they’re all so welcoming and friendly.

I don’t see a candle anymore it’s like floodlights! I know now that even if I’m unsuccessful on this programme, it has given me the skills and confidence I need to go out and better my life, and for that I will be forever grateful!’’

Emily, along with all the other candidates did secure a job!!!!!

job recruitment agency

“When I began the employability programme with The Launch Group, I was not expecting much, but it went above and beyond all of my expectations. It was a life changing event for me and was a turning point in my life, the support I received throughout was instrumental in keeping me motivated, and helping me realise my potential. The programme enabled me to begin the process of rebuilding my life and words cannot define my gratitude for everyone who helped me, they were the light in what were very dark times for me.”

job recruitment agency

Having just completed Level Two ‘Introduction to Cabin Crew’ with the Launch Group, I feel confident and equipped to begin an exciting career in Aviation. The course was well constructed and well paced. People on the course ranged from those who had already made up their minds about their future to those just looking for experience and information, and everyone was welcomed equally.

The tasks were interactive and fun, and enabled the group to bond nicely. The biggest compliment I can give to the Launch Group would be to those that recruit and run the courses. The telephone conversation I had before joining was so very helpful and welcoming, and the tutor that led us through the three weeks was among the most supportive, patient and engaging I have ever met.

It’s a privilege to have been offered a place on this funded course, thank you so very much to Kirsten, Georgia and the whole Launch Group team.