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"We have a history of designing CSR related programmes for a number of high profile clients"

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Abbreviated as CSR, Corporate and Social Responsibility involves how a business looks at the difference it is making on the community and the social and environmental impact of it day to day operation.

The Launch Group helps our clients design bespoke training programmes which support CSR agendas through actively engaging and supporting local talent, managing referral partners and working in close partnership with our clients HR and L&D departments to design the right programme in line with the companies CSR objectives.

The Launch Group has a history of designing CSR related programmes for a number of high profile clients in the Aviation, Defense, Hospitality, Customer Service and Rail Industries.

Our programmes blend classroom learning with on the job work experience, ensuring individuals complete the programme with a fresh set of work-related skills and experience.

Often accredited, our programme participants learn new-age employability skills and learn how to approach the modern job market.

Most importantly, the individuals gain momentum, confidence and the know-how to move themselves forward in to employment.

“The Launch Group believes in empowering individuals and giving them a platform to demonstrate their potential”

The Launch Group works within a network of training partners and associate tutors that deliver other bespoke compliance training.